TCYK v. Does 1-17 – ISP Subpoenas OKed by Court

This case is one of the few “John Doe” copyright cases filed in Minnesota recently. In an order dated August 14, 2013, Magistrate Judge Keyes allowed subpoenas to be served on various internet service providers.

This case is one of many nationwide that use so called “swarm joinder” to allege that anyone who downloaded the same file using bittorrent acted in concert. This is presumably to allow plaintiffs in these cases to file only one case and there is rarely any allegation that the defendants actually knew each other. To my knowledge, courts in Minnesota have not addressed the issue as to whether “swarm joinder” is appropriate, but other courts have increasingly been rejecting joinder based only on common file being downloaded.

TCYK v. Does – Order granting leave

If you receive a notice from your ISP, I would be glad to work with you and help you understand what options you might have for responding.