Trademark Law


Paul Godfread is a trademark attorney with experience in a variety of trademark and advertising legal issues. We handle anything from a single trademark registration to infringement litigation to advising you on how best to protect your brands online. We provide cost effective protection for your trademarks.

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Some of the services provided include:


The Godfread Law Firm provides quick and cost effective trademark registration services based on a flat fee. Typically, we charge $500 per application and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office charges a filing fee of $325 per class. By charging a flat fee you can have predictability in your costs. You will also get consultation as to how to appropriately use and protect your trademark and limit your total costs.


Trademark clearance is an important but sometimes neglected part of trademark practice. It makes little sense to spend money on building a brand and filing an application only to find out there was another company already using a similar mark. A quick “knock-out” search can be done with a registration at no additional cost. However, a more thorough search may be the best option in many cases, especially when you expect to make a significant investment in advertising the brand.


Many small business owners take it upon themselves to register their trademarks. We can help with responding to Office Actions and can help to get you back on track towards obtaining a registration. Just because your application has received an initial refusal, it does not mean that your trademark cannot be registered. Contact us to determine how to respond to your Office Action.


Once you have invested time and money in building a brand and registering a trademark, it is important to consider how to protect it. The Godfread Law firm can help you with appropriate trademark usage in advertising as well as protecting your trademark. We can help you monitor use of your trademark by others.


Domain names are an important part of building and protecting your brand and trademarks online. There are any number of fraudulent techniques that are being used to confuse your customers. We can help you develop a cost effective strategy to keep cybersquatters at bay. Paul has experience with domain name disputes under the UDRP and can help you to recover domain names that are similar to your trademarks.


Search engines sell keywords to produce paid search results. We can help you to prevent a competitor from using your trademarks as paid search keywords. We also can help your business create an effective advertisement policy that will limit legal risk.